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Author Topic: Adding at countertop over an undercounter dishwasher??? or any open knee space.  (Read 1558 times)
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« on: April 10, 2012, 08:41:06 PM »

I am not sure the easiest way to acheive what I beleive is a relatively easy task...  Can anyone help? 

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G'day mhemenover!
Try a see-through cabinet with Collision OFF when inserting the dishwasher,6085.0.html

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You can create a counter top using two different methods:

1. Use a cabinet that is just the countertop. Slide all the way over to the right in the Type section of the countertop dialog box and you will see it can just be a countertop. See attached image.

2. Use the Surface tool(Insert>Surfaces>Surfaces). I am a huge, huge fan of this tool. A surface can be any material, any thickness and it takes on the shape that you define by picking points so it is perfect for a countertop (even a radius end for a bar area). Create a new surface material by right  clicking in the Catalog and choosing Add Element.

If you need filler pieces on either side of the dishwasher, create a member(Insert>Members>Members by Picking Points) to mimic the height and thickness and pick point to insert to the exact width. Same for a custom backsplash. The Member command is another versatile tool that I love to use as it can be virtually any shape, material and size you need for anything: crown molding at the top of a cabinet, a valence, side panels, custom tile backsplash...


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