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Author Topic: How do other users do "as built" or existing  (Read 1967 times)
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« on: June 03, 2011, 04:45:59 AM »

Not sure if this belongs in the Envisioneer Forum (probably depends on the replies I guess)
I'd be very interested to know how other users produce "as built" documentation or "existing" prior to reno/extension (what Yanks call remodel).
What got me thinking was an article in Cadalyst magazine:
There's a section on p2 regarding Building which includes Civil & Facilities as well as the architectural segment.
Has anyone had the benefit of data from a 3D scanner? if so, how did you use it? Did it save time? cost effective?
Do you just get a surveyor to provide additional info when preparing his location survey?
Do it all yourself so you can't blame anyone else?

And most importantly, how does Envisioneer fit in the picture?

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G'day Kevin!
Can you believe they sent me 2 hard copies a cpl days apart then the digital version arrived in my Inbox before I woke yesterday morning!
Yes, quite an interesting read.
bit OT but can you believe the What's New document in AutoCAD 2012 is 54 pages? Hope Chantale gets to 54 youtube videos by the time we see v7 ;-)
3D scanning seems to be becoming more "mainstream"
Last BDAQ meeting a guy from sunny coast council did a presentation. They're building up a 3D CAD model of the entire local government area in 1km square blocks. iirc he stated that their data was collected by plane & RLs were correct to within 150mm. They're gradually inputting data from new projects using ArchiCAD on a mac. Naturally they already have all the data on existing infrastructure such as roads, bridges  drainage etc Existing buildings are just "massing" so that animations of future planned infrastructure (esp) will accurately convey their intent. I got the impression they just take photos & map those as textures just like Env.
Just the other week Energex (our local electricity distributor) advised that it might be advisable to lockup our animals if they're likely to be startled by a low flying helicopter doing a survey of all their infrastructure - poles, lines, transformers . . .
Cpl years ago I was supplied 3D CAD data in dxf format from a surveyor that included the location of the fascia on the adjoining property (required to ensure fire separation complied with BCA). That's my only experience with receiving external data relating to building structures in 3D.
So, yes, I do it all myself (occasionally with an assistant) so the buck definitely stops with me.
I use a Leica Disto Plus for measuring. It has bluetooth so I can transfer measurements directly into Envisioneer. I set my units to metres & dynamic dimensions = "to outer surface". Sketch the external walls roughly then edit the dynamic dimensions using the Disto. Check internal wall thicknesses, sketch internal walls roughly then use the Disto again to locate them accurately. Windows, doors & openings are located in similar fashion. It's easy to check that external views are the same as the real thing - before I leave the site.
According to Peter Latemore, the Golden Rule is you can never take too many photographs. I don't know what I'd do without my digital camera.

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